Do you even LinkedIn bro?

I'm back. I took a break from writing emails last week and I'm sure you all missed me. Probably spent the week pining after another one of my glorious emails that combine my fantastic sense of humour with some great tips on job seeking and career building.

I mean, that is why you're on the DCP list right?

Enough of my jibber jabber. Let’s get to the point…

Recently I wrote an email to you about how I had been invited to interview for Amazon.

For some people the idea of being invited to an interview, having a company reach out to you and not the other way around, is absurd.

I know many people that raise their eyebrows skeptically in my direction whenever I talk about this. It's like they think I'm making it up or something.

So to rile these people up I like to ask them a question: Do you even LinkedIn?

(If you don't get that reference then you are blessed to not have a deep experience of internet meme BS like I have. Also go here if you want to read about the original meme.)

Back to the topic of being approached by recruiters.

This happens ALL THE TIME. I have software engineering friends who get so many unsolicited offers that they wouldn't even bother looking at traditional job sites any more.

You might argue that software engineering skills are in demand which means this is more likely to happen and if you're not in that high-growth high-demand industry then you wont be getting approached any time soon.

You'd be right and wrong. But mostly wrong.

Even though software engineering skills ARE in demand I guarantee that not every software engineer is receiving offers via emails. Only a certain type of these people would be getting the inundation of job offers in their inboxes.

What sets these people apart from the rest? Why do they get countless job offers?

Simple: they stand out.

They stand out because they have a good online profiles. They have something out there on the big wide internet that says positive things about them, describes their experiences, lists the right keywords, and paints a detailed and interesting picture about them.

Do you even LinkedIn? is a reference to this.

A lot of people have a LinkedIn profile but have not given it much thought and appear to have no idea how to actually use it to create an interesting profile.

Let me tell you that when I'm recruiting for a role I often going to LinkedIn as my first search. I can scour the lists there - searching by keywords, locations, titles, and even what you had breakfast - and quickly build a short list of people I want to talk to about coming to work with me.

I have found great talented people searching through LinkedIn.

I have read interesting profiles, initiated a conversation, and ending up hiring people who were not even looking for a new job.

I found these people because they had an interesting online profile.

So far I've focused specifically on LinkedIn but the core concept applies any sites recruiters go that you can build an online profile on. LinkedIn is just one of the biggest and broadest ones.

Use these sites to your advantage. Create a profile that sells you well. It doesn't need to tell your life story - that's what your CV is for (or if you get really famous your biography) - but should be a good teaser.

To change metaphors again, think of it like a movie trailer.

It should be short and sweet and designed to show the highlights of your experiences, skills, with a little hint of your personality. And it should create enough interest to make people want to see the whole thing.

Do this right and you'll start receiving interesting positions straight in your inbox.

Over to you now…

Do you even LinkedIn?