Free course on personal storytelling

Short and sweet today folks.

Of course that probably means I'll end up on some random tangent ranting about god knows what…but hey we're all having fun right?

Today I'm recommending a course for you. A course on storytelling.

A FREE course of personal storytelling.

The course is called Storytelling for Change: Improve your public speaking by uncovering and communicating your personal story.

This course is not mine and I am in no way affiliated with it. I will receive absolutely nothing from making this recommendation.

Well, apart from the warm fuzzy feeling I get from sharing something useful with you.

You see last week I wrote an email titled 'There is no such thing as too long in one job' and I went in to detail about how important it is to learn the art of storytelling.

Then in Monday's email (titled 'They should like me for who I am') I mentioned storytelling again. I mentioned how this skill is critical for all aspect of life, but particularly when seeking career growth:

Being able to answer interview questions with pizazz, telling a fascinating story whilst showcasing positive attributes of yourself is a massive advantage. Compare that to the mumbling bumbling chump who just gives a rudimentary answer because "they should like me for who I am".

But people still don't seem to fully get it. They might nod along or even say the right things like "yeah I should get better at storytelling" but then they close the email and forget all about, going back to the same old way they have always done things which means having the same old problems.

I'm looking at you.

So I have spent hours scouring the internet looking for good storytelling resources. I found hundreds of websites, read dozens of long sales pages, and even signed up for a handful of demos just so I could find something good for you.

And I found it. Truth be told I found a couple of good courses but this one was free and I wanted there to be no excuses.

Here I am putting it on a platter for you. A free course that is all about learning a skill you have probably ignored, a skill that will be guaranteed to improve your life.

The course starts October 9th, runs for 2 months, and requires only a few hours a week. The outline says:

"This is a hands-on course where you will develop your own personal story, integrate it into a larger presentation, and record it for feedback from your classmates. You’ll leave this course with a leadership presence framework, important storytelling tools, and a rehearsed presentation that can help you better connect with your audience and inspire change."

That sounds perfect.

Why is it free? I honestly don't know. I went through the entire course outline and I think they could charge several hundred dollars for this.

Maybe this is the first time they are running it and they want to test it first. Maybe it turns in to some giant sales pitch for their other paid courses. Or maybe they're starting a new church and you will become the first 'enlightened ones' chosen to fly to outer space on a magical train to join the alien gods…

Whatever. Just take the course, learn the important lessons, and don't drink any of the cool aid.

Here's the link one more time:

Go sign up and then send me and email telling me. I'll send you a personal follow up during the course to see how you are going.