[Survey] Are you happy in your career?

This email is all about you. I want to know more about you, your job, and your career.

Most importantly, I want to know if you are happy with it all?

I want to know this so I can give you better content in the future.

I've already given you a free book on common job application mistakes and I am currently working on a bunch more material that is designed to help you 'figure out' your career.

The book had some good short-term tactics to help you to secure that new job but the next set of tools I build will be more strategic. Tools that help you make a long-term positive impact on your career.

Before I go too far I want to make sure I'm giving you what you need so click that link at the bottom to answer a survey for me. It will take < 2 minutes and all data will be anonymous.

Or if you prefer to just email me directly you can. Reply to this email and tell me your about yourself, where you are in your career, mistakes you've made, lessons you've learned, or what you wish you were doing instead. I'll read it all.

In the words of the great Jerry Maguire...Help me help you.
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Zac Sky